Know more about phone application in full details

Hi,Today, we will talk about more information in the phone application in full details then read the list below for more information.

Know more about phone application in full details

Everybody wants to know about Android and phone application. So, here on this topic, I will tell you more about Android applications. So, read the full article to Know more about phone application.

1.Limit your WhatsApp Status:-

Friends do you know you can limit your WhatsApp status, which means if you want to show your WhatsApp status with some specific friends you can do this very easily for that you have to do the following steps:-

1.Open your WhatsApp.

2.Go to Account.

3.Then choose privacy.

4.Select privacy.

5.Now select the Desired option you want.

2.whatsapp Blue tick hide:

What is blue tick: when you send a message to someone do you have seen a blue color sign near your message. Let me give you an example.

If you want to hide the blue tick you can do it very easily. For that you have to go to your WhatsApp settings:-

  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Then choose privacy.
  4. Select privacy.
  5. Then go Down there you can see “Read receipts” Just untick it.

3. Custom notification:-

All the day we receive many messages from friends and from other people but we do not understand who is messaging us if we do not see the phone now there is a WhatsApp facility where you can set the custom notification system for your friends and for your families so that you can understand without seeing the phone that  who messaging you.  You can easily understand this. for that, you have to  go to your settings:

1.Click the person Chat option from whom you want to receive the custom notifications.

2.When you have selected the custom notifications now you can see there is a new window that has opened.

3.Now see the front options the first option where you can see custom notifications.

4.Now select this option now below the custom notification option.

5.Now select the notification tone and choose any ringtone for your friends on the family so that you can understand easily that who is messaging you.

4.Hide Last Seen:

1.You have to go to your settings.

2.After selecting settings go to privacy.

3.Then after selecting privacy, you can see the last seen option.

4.Click on that.

5.And select whatever option you want so that no one can see your last seen.

5. Hide media in Whatsapp:

we received many photos or video from our friends and families that we do not want to store this photos in our gallery. If you do not want to show your WhatsApp files to hide them:

1.Go to your settings.

2.Go to File Manager.

3.Select WhatsApp folder.

4.Select WhatsApp video or photos and rename it.

5.Now save it and hide the folder. That’s it.

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