Smart and best android phone learning tips in full details

Hi,today we will talk about the smart and best android phone learning tips in full details then read the list below for more information.

Smart and best android phone learning tips in full details

There are many Android phone tricks that we still don’t know. Here in this topic, I will tell you the Smart and best android phone learning tips.


Do you know how to check your phone’s IMEI number? Actually, It is very easy. The IMEI number is essential for us to know because if any day our phone gets stolen then only this IMEI number can help us find our phone. To check your IMEI number:

1.Open your phone call dial pad.

2.Type *≠06≠ and you can see your IMEI number. This number is very important because if you lose your phone with the help of this unique number you can find your phone.

2.Battery and phone temperature:

Do you know without any application you can check your Phone CPU usage? This code can help you a lot because many phones do not support battery and phone temperature applications. So, this codes can show all the details of your phone.

  1. To check it you have to dial,
  2. *≠*≠4636≠*≠*,
  3. You can check CPU percentage, battery health, phone temperature, wifi strength etc.

3. Instant factory settings:

Do you know you can reset your phone by using some simple phone clicks? if you are in a trouble and need to restore the phone immediately then this code can help you out.

  1. Open your dial pad.
  2. Type *≠*≠7780≠*≠* it will remove all the essential data from your phone. Remember this process is irreversible and do not run this code without any good reason.

4. Record your own voice:

If you cannot record your phone call or you do not have any phone call record settings then this codes can help you a lot. Actually, This process can help you a lot. You Can Be a Spy and can and can record the voice call between you and your Girlfriend.

For that, you have to Type:

  1. *≠*≠8351≠*≠* try it.

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