The  best android tricks and tips in full details here.

Hi,freinds Today we will talk about The Best Android Tricks and Tips For more information, read the list below to read the list.

The  best android tricks and tips

Do you know there are many shortcut keys on your phone that can be really helpful for you and also can save your time and money “best android tricks and tips”.

1.Phone power on/Off codes:– when you press the phone power button it takes a while to To off the phone. But I have a secret key for that. To shut down your phone instantly you have to type:-

  1. First, open your dial pad.
  2. Then type *≠*≠7594*≠*≠ and your phone will turn off instantly this can be the best android tricks and tips for you.

2. Quick services:- you may not know but there is a special key on your phone that can show quick services menu on your phone. To access this service you have to type:-

  1. open your dial pad and type:
  2. *≠0011≠

3. Inbuilt games in Android Marshmallow: 

Do you know there is an Android game pre-installed on your phone to play this game? This is one of the most interesting games made by Google.

  • You have to open your phone settings.
  • Then open About phone option.
  • Choose Android version and tap 3 times on it.
  • You can see Marshmellow logo.
  • Tap 10 times and try to zoom the Logo.
  • And that’s it you can play this game.

4. Sleep your phone:

If your phone power on/off button becomes bad to have you ever thought how will you wake your phone up. Now there is a simple 500KB app that wakes up your phone and sleeps your phone in a single click no need to touch the power button. This kinds of apps can really help you a lot. In case your power button becomes bad then this app can on/off your phone instantly. It is only KB, not even MB.

  • You Have to download an application from Google play store.
  • Type phone lock.
  • And download it.

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