Hi dear students Today we will talk about THE SCIENCEANDTHE MODERN MAN. For more information, read the following list below.


We live in an age of has greatly helped the progress of socity.It has gretly contributed   to human civilisation. Science has worked miracles  in the modern age. Never before, mankind has seen such triumphs and maevel of  science. The modern man cannot imagine to live and survive without sience. Science is the only crutch for the modern human life comfortable and enjoyable .science in the modern world has attained a never dimension and the excitement of man knows no bounds. Let us see how closely and
deeply science has  influenced the modern man.

The moder man is grateful to science for the amenities ofl ife. Fans, electrie light, air-coolers, refrigerators, gas-ovens, washing machines etc. have greatly addad to the ease and comfort of life.We  have cinema, radio, television, tape- recoder entertain us. Buses train,planeshave made travelling form one place to another aan easy thing .They have brought distant place nearer.We cannot do without science in our day to day life.

It is not that science has only made the daily life of a modern man easy and pleasant .It has brought about a  revolutionary change in the fields of agriculture and industry. The age-old method of cultivation is now discarded. Everything in agriculture is now done through the scientific method. Production, as a result has   gone up. Mass or large scale production of industrial goods have been  possible because of science.

Science has rendered a great service to mankind in the field of medicine and surgery. It has mitigated the pain and suffering of men with life-saving drugs and medical instruments like x-rays and scanning machine. The average
life-span of man has gone up to a great extent.

Science has also greatly changed the outlook of man. His supersuition is now gone he is now free from the blind belief of his fore -father. Science has bestowed untold benefits on the human mind by spreading
knowledge through printed sbooks. It has helped to light up the lamp of knowledge in human mind all over the world .
Thus we may say that the modern man is really the product of science. But the paradox is that science may also bring about the doom of the modern man.The modern man has put science not only to great use, but also to great
He has used science for destructive purposes. The possession of deadly nuclea weapons is a positive threat to the very existence of the modern man and his civilisation  now gone. The spectre of nuclear warfare haunts the mind
It has robbed him of mental peace and enhanced his worry.

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