The SSC study set for class 12 students In english

Hi ,Friends, today we will talk about the SSC study set for class 12 students for more information, please read the following list.

Which of the following is/are the measure(s) taken by:

(i) Banks were given freedom to take up newer activities.

(ii) Entry of new private and foreign banks in the field.

(iii) Amendments in the relevant Acts to enable PSBs to
raise equity from the market.

(a) (i) and (ii).
(c) (ii) and (ii).
(b) (i) and (iii).
(d) All of the three.

Prudential norms were initiated in the banking sector with a view to:

(a) increasing operational efficiency.
(b) containing the non-performing assets.
(c) strengthening the soundness of banking system.
(d) improving the customer service.

Banking sector reforms in India were introduced for the purpose of:

(a) giving more and more employment opportunities to.
the educated unemployed.
(b) taking care of the downtrodden masses.
(c) increasing efficiency in the banking activities.
(d) giving a better return to the Central Government.

Banks can control their transaction costs by:

(a) restricting their lending activities.
(b) undertaking more and more non-banking activities.
(c) encouraging the customers to bank with other banks.
(d) devoting more attention to operational efficiency.

The recent internal empirical research conducted by the RBI found that:

(a) there is cut-throat competition in the banking industry.
(b) the rate of return is not commensurate with the operational cost.
(c) the rate of improvement has not been high.
(d) nationalized banks and private sector banks did differ in the efficiency measures.


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